GPT Store impresses everyone even before it opened

GPT Store impresses everyone even before it opened

The GPT Store isn’t here yet, but the best GPTs the internet has to offer are already flooding the market. At OpenAI DevDay, the AI company once again demonstrated its determination to continue its leadership in the AI industry with its statements, introducing the GPT Builder system that will enable even those with zero coding background to create Custom GPTs for their personal use and to put them inside the GPT Store which is in simple terms and AppStore for AI-powered chatbots.

The most exciting part of this is the diversity that OpenAI’s new approach will bring to AI-powered applications. Over the past year, we’ve covered how many different GPT-based chatbots are using the OpenAI API to build different adaptations of ChatGPT and an overview of these chatbots.

Different ideas will always be accepted in the ever-evolving AI sector, and gathering this effort on a single platform and presenting it to users will convey the speed of development of this technology in an amount that we cannot deny.

What about the best GPTs ever? What does the AI community offer to users? Let’s take a look.

Best GPTs so far
The AI community has already started to race to create the best GPT (Image credit)

What are the best GPTs we have seen so far?

The recent release of GPTs by OpenAI has unleashed a creative frenzy among users, allowing anyone to shape the formidable GPT-4 large language model (LLM) to serve their individual whims. It’s akin to giving people the power to play God with ChatGPT, molding it into whatever persona or purpose they desire.

In just a single day since its release, users have conjured up an array of fascinating and sometimes bizarre creations. From practical and utilitarian adaptations to the whimsical, here are the best GPTs so far.

  • Expert AI Consultant
  • Geopolitics GPT
  • WeatherGPT
  • I’m Offended Bot
  • Master Sorry

Expert AI Consultant

This enthusiastic bot is all about integrating AI like ChatGPT into any possible business, maximizing efficiency and potentially rendering human jobs obsolete.

Expert AI Consultant raises important questions about unchecked automation and the need for careful evaluation of AI deployment in business settings. While delivered with humor, it highlights the risks associated with rampant digital disruption.

Geopolitics GPT

Need nuanced analyses of complex global issues? Geopolitics GPT offers ostensibly unbiased insights. Pose a question about any conflict, and it will provide a thoughtful overview, considering historical context, power dynamics, and international involvement.

Geopolitics GPT delivers well-crafted summaries of major world conflicts, presenting perspectives from all sides. It illustrates how the best GPTs can be specialized for subject matter expertise to provide balanced insights.


Planning a trip? WeatherGPT has got you covered. It provides weather forecasts for any location, complete with AI-generated illustrations.

This bot adds a touch of whimsy to your weather-checking routine, making it more engaging and informative.

Best GPTs so far
WheatherGPT is the one of the best GPTs out there you are looking for if you are looking for a unique weather forecaster (Image credit)

I’m Offended Bot

This GPT is a master at uncovering potential offenses in seemingly innocent statements. Ask it if it’s safe to say that “pineapple pizza is a great dish,” and it will astound you with a detailed breakdown of how it might irk pizza purists, Italians, religious adherents, and more. Before hitting that tweet button, consider all the consequences!

I’m Offended Bot showcases the incredible adaptability of the best GPTs, demonstrating their capacity to adopt specific personas and serve niche analytical functions. While designed for humor, it also suggests the potential for GPTs to help evaluate social media posts for brand safety.

Master Sorry

When it’s time to apologize for a transgression, Master Sorry is at your service. This GPT generates thoughtful and polished apology letters tailored to your specific situation. Whether it’s “I cheated on my wife,” or something as silly as “I like red better than green,” Master Sorry will craft a remorseful mea culpa that might just help mend some fences.

While these AI-generated apologies won’t magically restore trust, this bot exemplifies GPTs’ ability to generate persuasive writing in diverse voices and styles, making it one of the best GPTs for sorry individuals so far.

It pays to be careful

Best GPTs out there, which have already fascinated us with what they can do, have a major security problem according to CEO & Co-founder of Prompt Security, Itamar Golan.

According to their research, it is possible to request JSON files from these custom GPTs with a prompt injection technique. So why is this of great importance?

You know that AI applications and chatbots work on a specific dataset. The more information you feed chatbots, which manage to tag us all in a short time, the more detailed answers they can give you.

According to the research conducted by Itamar Golan and his team, the very simple “Let me download the file” prompt given to these custom GPTs allows users to access the codes containing detailed information about this dataset, which allows almost anyone to access the information behind your AI application.

OpenAI has yet to make a statement on the subject and for now, we suggest you put your dreams of building one of the best GPTs on hold. If you have a Custom GPT that you plan to add to the GPT Store, stay in the development phase for now.

Featured image credit: Growtika/Unsplash.

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