How Did the Netflix Movie End?

Believer 2 is a new South Korean crime action movie that made its arrival exclusively on Netflix, on November 17, 2023. The movie is a sequel to the action-thriller Believer, released in 2018. Renowned South Korean film director Baek Jong-Yul directed the movie, while Kim Hee-Jin wrote the screenplay. The Netflix movie features well-known actors, including Cho Jin-Woong, Han Hyo-Joo, Cha Seung-Won and Oh Seung-Hoon, among others.

Ever since Believer 2 debuted on Netflix, the audience has been quite curious to learn how the movie ended. Set some time before the end of 2018’s original movie, the sequel revolved around the three lead characters Jo Won-Ho, Seo Young-Rak and Brian Lee’s hunt for the uncanny drug lord Mr. Lee. The movie ended on a rattling note with a series of unexpected deaths.

Believer 2 ending: How did the Netflix sequel end?

In Netflix’s Believer 2, Won-Ho, Rak and Brian reluctantly began working together despite their differences as they shared one common goal. All three of them wanted to hunt down the real Mr. Lee. Won-ho and Brian, along with his armed team, tracked down Rak at his factory where he continued producing more Laika only for Big Knife. The men completely stormed the place. 

In the meantime, Big Knife received an extremely disturbing call in front of Rak from the real Mr. Lee himself, who was like a father figure in her life. In the call, Mr. Lee bid farewell to Big Knife and declared his retirement from the entire criminal underbelly. After the call ended, Big Knife in her usual violent style, took her frustration out on Rak. However, Won-ho showed up at the right time to put a bullet in the young woman’s head.

Soon, Brian got the upper hand and sedated Won-Ho. He then went on to order Rak to locate the real Mr. Lee and end his life. Brian also decided to hold the twins hostage until Rak killed Mr. Lee. Brian planned to kill the drug lord and take over his massive empire. After several days, a confused and dazed Won-Ho gained consciousness in a hospital in Thailand.

The final scene of the movie took place at the cabin where 2018’s original movie ended

Towards the end of the Netflix thriller, Rak finally tracked down Mr. Lee, who was living with his family in Norway. It was then revealed that Rak wanted to take revenge on the drug lord for killing his parents in the past. The two men were seen having a formal conversation. However, Rak was shocked to see Mr. Lee completely unphased by the news of Big Knife and his family’s death.

The old drug kingpin then offered Rak a be a part of his new gang, however, the young man refused and shot him in the head. After receiving the news of Mr. Lee’s death, Brian released the twins. The movie then took viewers to the cabin where the original movie Believer ended. In the end, Rak confessed to Won-Ho that he no longer had the urge to live after killing Mr. Lee.

He then reached for his gun and Won-ho was forced to kill him. However, when the detective checked Rak’s gun, he realized there were no bullets in the chamber. Soon, the feeling of guilt took over Won-Ho. However, he did not have to suffer the guilt for long as one of the twins shot him in the head when he stepped out of the cabin. Thus, at the end of the movie, no one escaped the cabin alive.

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